A love of nature drives Jodi Shrimplin


COSHOCTON – She’s admittedly outdoorsy so she’s proper at residence in nature. As it seems, that’s an enormous plus for her job.

“The value of nature has always been very important to me,” started Jodi Shrimplin.

“Growing up,” she continued, “we always had gardens, for flowers and food. Nature has always been a strong part of my life. My family raised me to respect nature. We were taught if we took care of nature, nature would continue to take care of us.

“I grew up as a tomboy,” she added, “and was always outside in the woods or the creek exploring. As a kid, I wanted to grow up and go into an animal science. I’ve always been drawn to nature and animals. I definitely never thought I would be a head gardener of a local botanical garden.”

Today, Shrimplin is the pinnacle gardener at Clary Gardens. 

“As head gardener,” she defined, “I do basic gardening maintenance – weeding, rose upkeep, watering, fertilizing, basic plant health, etc. – but I also plan the entire layout of the gardens for each season. This involves a theme, displays, pots, beds, types of flowers (both annual and perennial) and any other idea we may want to explore. I’m in charge of bringing it all together.”