anand: On New Year, Anand Youth Ensure New Beginning For Stray Animals | Vadodara News


Vadodara/ Anand: At a time when others of their age had been busy getting ready for New Year’s celebrations, 20-odd children had been busy giving anti-rabies vaccination, tying reflecting belts on stray canine in milk metropolis Anand making certain higher beginnings for the stray.
These children had volunteered for the drive organised by the Rescue and Rehabilitation of Stray Animals (RRSA), a basis that has been taking good care of stray animals in Anand since 2016.
“Accidents due to stray animals sitting in the middle of the road is very common. Reflective collars are to protect stray animals from getting injured in road accidents and are equally helpful to human beings,” stated Bhavesh Solanki, founding father of RRSA basis.
“Similarly, anti-rabies vaccination is to protect dogs,” he stated, including that whereas the inspiration has been offering free providers each time animal caretaker approaches them, particular drives involving volunteers are additionally organised to construct momentum.
“In the last four years, we have covered nearly 1,200 stray dogs under the anti-rabies vaccination drive. Similarly, we have provided reflective collars for 2,000 stray dogs. The collars are prepared from reflective material which is sourced from Mumbai and we employ unemployed persons to stitch them so that they too can earn a livelihood,” he stated.
On December 31, 22 volunteers joined the particular drive by means of which 48 stray canine had been supplied with anti-rabies vaccination and reflective belts inside 4 hours. “We will continue the drive for a few more days,” he stated.
As canine themselves take away the reflective collars after a number of months, the volunteers must repeat the train after a niche of some months.
Interestingly, all of the animal welfare actions together with shelter, ambulance, medicines, vaccines, surgical procedures and even X-rays are offered freed from cost. “Those who have a soft corner for animals provide us financial support,” he stated.