Best Stocks for 2022: Arianne Phosphate Will Soar On Agriculture And EV Demand


Editor’s word: This column is a part of’s Best Stocks for 2022 contest. Joanna Makris’ decide for the competition is Arianne Phospate (OTCMKTS:DRRSF) inventory.

Source: InvestorPlace

Everyone is aware of the most effective items are available small packages. At the highest of my checklist to purchase for 2022 is a microcap sleeper inventory: Arianne Phospate (OTCMKTS:DRRSF), a Canadian mineral exploration firm.

Hovering close to a $90 million market cap, Arianne is targeted on phosphate mining at its Lac à Paul greenfield venture in Quebec. The firm manages one of many largest phosphate reserves in Canada, estimated at 590 tons. Its belongings are additionally bigger, cleaner and extra pure than virtually any venture on earth proper now.