CARMEN KETRON: ‘Mums’ the word in fall gardens | Agriculture


Clemson Extension

Everywhere you look this time of the 12 months, you will notice the seasonal flower staple, the chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemums, recognized lovingly as “mums,” are stunning flowering crops dotting porches and entryways in the fall months. They come in infinite fall colours together with oranges, pinks, purples and whites for an ideal accent to your fall décor. The better part about mums is they’re a hardy fall-blooming perennial plant.

The better part: You can preserve them in containers or plant them in a backyard for year-round enjoyment.

Caring in your mums proper now throughout their blooming interval does take a bit little bit of effort to maintain them trying stunning. Mums want loads of water once they bloom. However, you don’t need them to sit down in water so attempt to water your mums each different day and ensure the water is ready to drain out and away from the plant to stop wilting. To forestall illnesses popping up, attempt to keep away from spraying water on the leaves.

As with most crops, attempt to water in the early morning to stop moisture staying on the plant by the cool evenings. The greatest approach is to water round the backside of the plant, watering the soil and never the flowers or leaves.

Mums are additionally heavy feeders. A weekly software of soluble fertilizer is an efficient observe. Mulch will assist retain soil moisture, management weeds, and enhance look. To preserve mums blooming all through the fall, deadhead them by pinching off particular person useless flowers to pressure new buds.