CARMEN KETRON: Southern greens: Dark leafy goodness | Agriculture


Clemson Extension

Many farmers, yard gardeners, and kitchen-container growers have been bringing of their darkish leafy Southern greens to the Clemson Extension Offices to indicate off. I’m speaking about our staple collard, mustard, and turnip greens rising in gardens and fields all through the Pee Dee.

I’ve additionally began to see extra growers enterprise into rising what my husband calls “exotic experimental” greens together with spinach, kale, kohlrabi, and lots of sorts of bok choys. Many of us round right here develop their very own greens. They are nice to develop even for first-time growers within the fall and winter.

If you’re new to the realm, you may take pleasure in contemporary greens by way of New Year’s as hardy greens like collards and kale are chilly tolerant and even sweeter after a lightweight frost.

If you didn’t develop your greens this 12 months, don’t fear, South Carolina Certified Growers are rolling out mounds of collards, turnips, kale, and mustards to native produce stands and farmers markets. When you go to your native produce stand, be certain to ask for “a mess of greens,” the one acceptable unit of measurement when shopping for greens.

This 12 months my husband and I are going to a number of “Friendsgivings” and household get-togethers with people who find themselves not from down South and we had the dialogue about whether or not or not our associates would partake in Southern greens if we cooked them and introduced them as our dish to move. Many of us have gotten on board with darkish leafy greens like kale because it has grown in recognition in stylish meals circles for its total well being advantages and multitude of the way it may be ready. Collards and turnip greens haven’t gotten stylish but, most likely as a result of they’re a extra regional delicacy, however they boast the identical well being advantages as kale together with bigger quantities of vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin Ok, calcium, vitamin B-6, magnesium, and iron.