Champions of more than just agriculture


BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) – As a lot as Aggieland has grown in current many years, we stays a premier place for agriculture on the planet, from farming, to biology, to ranching, and in every single place in between. It could come as no shock that we breed some of the most effective “meat judgers” within the nation, too. Much more than just observing a slab of beef.

Hayden Bennett, Kaitlyn Kotrla, Karli Kaase, and Nathan Kerth are nationwide champions in meat judging, representing College Station High FFA.

“All four of us placed top ten in the nation, so not only did our team get to win together, but we also have another milestone that we got to complete,” Kaase says.

From figuring out the correct cuts, judging high quality, sample recognition, and presenting their findings to the best within the meat career, the scholars agree that what they’ve discovered in agriculture helped them develop in different life abilities.

“It’s made us better at public speaking, getting to know people well, giving us the knowledge and background to go succeed in life,” Kaase says.

“We meat judge every week, and it’s taught us time management very well, and sacrifice,” says Kerth. “Outside of agriculture, it’s taught us lots of life skills.”

Katrla hopes this expertise will assist her be a greater ambassador to agriculture.

“We can use those platforms and our successes to educate our classmates, and those classmates can educate the others, and it’s a big rolling thing that happened. We worked hard and were able to learn more about the information and promote it.”

Hayden Bennett thinks packages like FFA or 4H are essential for ag schooling, however widening the horizons of tomorrow’s leaders.

“You get a different perspective. Whether it’s food processing or wildlife, or horticulture, there’s something different for everyone, and we’re all experiencing different areas of agriculture.”

And we are able to count on these college students to maintain “Championing” these completely different areas of agriculture.

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