Classroom Hero: Kimberly Wade’s love for education started in kindergarten


10TV teamed up with the Ohio Education Association and 97.1 The Fan to honor these heroes making a distinction in the lives of kids.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Josiah Wade knew the proper particular person to appoint as a Classroom Hero. He is aware of her effectively. After all, she’s his spouse.

“Teachers in general, in my opinion, are just underpaid, underappreciated, and oftentimes go unseen when it comes down to the things they truly do,” Josiah Wade stated. “Not just in the classroom but even outside of the classroom.”

His spouse, Kimberly Wade, is in her third yr of educating at Weinland Park Elementary School in Columbus City Schools.

“I love helping the kids,” she stated. “I love them wanting to come in the classroom every day and want to learn, and I love seeing them have those aha moments.”

Kimberly Wade credit her kindergarten instructor for sparking her love of education. She describes being “the kid who cried every morning” however desirous to go to high school to see her instructor.

From there, the aim solely solidified.

“(It’s) definitely what I’m meant to do,” she stated. “I love helping people. I love helping other teachers, other kiddos from other classes, just to make them happy. My goal is just to make everybody’s day a little bit better.”

And, in keeping with her husband, she does. Josiah Wade usually had a front-row seat to his spouse’s educating once they had been house in the course of the pandemic. He even joined in typically, studying books to the scholars just about.

“She is the epitome of just an educator who truly cares,” he stated. “And not just about the students that are in her classroom but any student that is in the building she’s working in, or any student at all for that matter.”

When listening to her husband’s reward for her work, she described herself as speechless.

“I think that’s very sweet, I guess he really does love me,” she joked.

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