Conservationists and YouTuber fund new, biking and hiking trails at Canton nature park



CANTON, N.C. (FOX Carolina) – A brand new biking and hiking park is coming to Western North Carolina.

Chestnut Mountain Nature Park will embody a park-within-a-park: Berm Park. This comes after city supervisor Nick Shuer says it was slated to be a NASCAR coaching facility, an indoor ski resort, amongst different issues years in the past.

The Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy collaborated with influencer Seth Alvo from YouTube to crowdfund and increase over $3 million to make this occur.

Angela Shepherd is the communications director for the conservancy.

“Chunks of contiguous land are becoming more and more rare as we see things being broken up by developments,” Shepherd mentioned.

Schuer says The Town of Canton is constructing a 450-acre multi-use park. He says the park will embody biking and hiking-only trails, a child’s bicycle playground, a picnic pavilion, scenic overlooks, creek entry and extra.

Berm Park is only one of it’s additions. It can be designed by Elevated Trails Design, LLC.

“What’s opening, right now, is that 35-acre portion with the skills course. And then, there is a mixed-use trail,” mentioned Shepherd.

This venture has been within the works for at least two years.

Samantha Franklin, of Candler, is worked up about it.

“I’m just looking for a different variety of trails,” Franklin mentioned, “My husband’s a mountain biker. So, he’s looking forward to the mountain bike trails.”

Franklin hopes this new park can turn out to be a spot to hike together with her rising household.

“With us having a newborn, we’re looking for a place that we can take him to enjoy and explore and, hopefully, get him to enjoy hiking and biking as well,” mentioned Franklin.

What’s essential to the conservancy is that the grant requires them to protect the land completely.

“We’ll be doing some research to see exactly what types of species are out, and using the property, and moving; while people are also out and enjoying it,” Shepherd mentioned.

Chestnut Mountain Park and Berm Park will open Saturday, Apr. 23—The day after Earth Day. You can discover it proper off Highway 23, in Canton.

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