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If college students bear in mind occasions, they’re modern historical past. With luck, a few of these reminiscences might be pretty lengthy. Older, skilled college students are a present. Fifty-two years in the past; finding out unionization, a former manufacturing unit store steward leavened the lump of eighteen-yr-olds
like me. Today at UMA, college students with kids, even grandchildren, present new views on previous lives.

Veterans of the navy or the workforce are sometimes perceptive about related previous experiences. (The Maine Humanities Council discovered that veterans of latest wars had fascinating insights about Homer’s Illiad.) Women who’ve made houses and careers inform youthful those that the battle for equality will not be solely historic.

Our textual content, America, Empire of Liberty, is by a foreigner, David Reynolds, Professor of International History at Cambridge. Thus a distinct viewpoint on many points; for instance, on faith. Why are faith on the whole and evangelicalism and fundamentalism in
explicit so influential within the U.S. when a lot much less so in the remainder of “the West”? Depending on their ideas, emotions, and beliefs, college students might take this theme in any variety of instructions.