Eight camels, a llama on loose: Spanish cops end circus animals’ night out, World News


In what will be considered a scene from a film, eight camels and a llama went on the unfastened on the streets of Madrid in a single day. The animals had escaped from a close by circus, Spanish police mentioned.  

At round 5 am, the animals had been noticed wandering across the southern district of Carabranchel, which is near the circus’ present location. Quiros Circus, which owns the animals, blamed sabotage by animal rights activists.  

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On Twitter, Spain’s nationwide police, mentioned, “Several camels and a llama escaped from a circus in Madrid overnight this evening.”    

The division additionally shared photographs of eight two-humped camels and a llama hanging round at a road nook.  

“Police found and took care of them so they could be taken back safe and sound,” the police added.  

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The animals are bactrian camels, who’ve two humps and thick shaggy coats. Mati Munoz, one of many circus’ managers, breathed a sigh of reduction on studying that the animals had been caught safely. “Nothing happened, thank God,” Munoz mentioned.  

The circus has additionally filed a grievance after discovering that the electrical fence across the animals’ enclosure had been lower. “We think (their escape) was due to an act of sabotage by animal rights groups who protest every year,” added Munoz.  

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