Esperanza brings hope to community through education



CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) -Victor Ruiz is the manager director for Esperanza. It’s a nonprofit group on the west facet of Cleveland. The phrase esperanza means hope.

“Growing up as a poor son of a single mother, the only thing we had was hope, esperanza,” stated Ruiz.

The group’s mission is to promote hope through education, serving to households within the Latino community thrive.

“The community realized it wasn’t enough to just promote post-secondary that they really had to do hands-on programming,” stated Ruiz.

Esperanza has lessons for educating English as a second language; they’ve a mentorship program, they hand out scholarships. They additionally placed on applications to assist college students graduate highschool and push them towards faculty and better studying.

“Early in my college career, I got matched with a mentor through the mentorship program,” stated Ricky Gilmore-Vega. “My mentor did an amazing job helping me navigate through college and also the law school admissions process. “

The resources at Esperanza can also be utilized by parents and other family members in the community.

“Hopefully, a lot of parents will see the opportunities they have and pursue some sort of post-secondary education,” stated Ruiz.

“When I see families here with their kids, and they come here and are like we need help, there’s never a closed-door,” stated Nashalié Diaz. “And if it’s not, we strive to open it for them and to see that it means hope, its esperanza. “

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