‘Glasgow Has Sounded the Death Knell for Coal Power,’ Johnson Says


“Almost 200 countries have put their name to the Glasgow climate pact, marking a decisive shift in the world’s approach to tackling climate emissions, setting a clear roadmap to limiting the rise in global temperatures to 1.5 degrees and marking the beginning of the end for coal power. It is beyond question that Glasgow has sounded the death knell for coal power. It’s a fantastic achievement, and it’s just one of many to emerge from COP26. Of course, my delight at this progress is tinged with disappointment. Those for whom climate change is already a matter of life and death, who can only stand by as their islands are submerged, their farmland turned to desert, their homes battered by storms, they demanded a high level of ambition for this summit. And while many of us were willing to go there, that wasn’t true of everybody. And sadly, that’s the nature of diplomacy. We can lobby, we can cajole, we can encourage, but we cannot force sovereign nations to do what they do not wish to do.” “For months, individuals have been asking me, a few of you good individuals have been asking me, ‘Do you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders?’ And I can inform you there was one actually tense hour the place I did really feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. And, you recognize, so many individuals have finished a lot over two years. The U.Ok. staff internationally, and, you recognize, this deal was completely in jeopardy. It actually was in jeopardy. We obtained it over the line, and the purpose we have been ready to do that is due to the belief that we’ve constructed round the world.