Hawaii animal trainer with film and TV credits adds Super Bowl commercial to her resume



HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – On Super Bowl Sunday, look ahead to a brand new Budweiser commercial.

One of the co-stars is Sue Chipperton’s Labrador, the performing canine named Eddie.

“There’s only a handful of commercials during the Super Bowl. To be one of them and for everyone to see it ― especially a dog from Hawaii ― it’s pretty cool,” she stated.

Chipperton has educated animals for performing for greater than twenty years. They’ve had roles in blockbuster films like “Titanic,” “Gran Torino,” “Triple Frontier,” and “Jungle Cruise,” simply to identify a couple of.

Before the Budweiser advert, Eddie had a recurring position on “Hawaii Five-0.” Her dobermans act in Magnum PI, and she has one other educated canine that’s a part of the solid on NCIS Hawaii.

“The dogs that I find for movie work have to be fearless, outgoing, and very motivated dogs. So dogs are probably the easiest just because of their nature,” Chipperton stated.

Early in her profession, she educated marine mammals in Florida. Then she met trainers whose animals labored in films. “It sounded intriguing so I packed up and moved to Hollywood,” she stated.

That started what’s grow to be a protracted checklist of on-screen credits. She educated Gidget the Taco Bell chihuahua that belonged to the corporate’s proprietor however lived with Chipperton for 15 years.

“She did red carpets at appearances. She was very much a celebrity,” she stated.

Chipperton educated the duck from the Aflac TV spots. There had been really 12 geese that rotated within the commercials.

“They all had different things that they’d like to do. One was good at sitting and staying. Another one was good at running. So we would get the script and figure out which duck was going to do which part,” she stated.

Chipperton moved to Hawaii years in the past, and started coaching animals right here.

She and her four-legged college students work on the mainland from time to time, however most of their performing is finished for TV and film productions that use Hawaii because the backdrop.

She stated animal actors aren’t like their human counterparts. Humans can take break day. Her canine, cats, and pigs have to keep sharp.

“I train my dogs a little bit every single day just to keep them going and learn new things. They’re never done. I’m never done training,” she stated.

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