How to Tame Animals in Fortnite


Animals have lengthy been a staple aspect in Fortnite. Players can hunt them down and kill them to improve their weapons throughout matches or craft a brand new merchandise. However, Season 6 launched important adjustments to Animals, and the sport now allows you to tame all kinds of species.

In this entry, we’ll provide you with an in depth information on taming Animals in Fortnite. We’ll present you the way to flip even probably the most ferocious predators into peaceable creatures.

How to Tame Animals in Fortnite

There are a number of Animals you possibly can tame in Fortnite. The listing consists of Wolves, Chickens, Boars, and Raptors. Here’s what you want to do to tame every species:


Wolves are among the most thrilling addictions to Seasons 6. These Animals are lethal and might trigger a world of bother for any participant. Tamed, they could be a enormous boon once you’re preventing your enemies.

Take the next steps to tame a Fortnite Wolf:

  1. Go to the Island and traverse the wild areas to discover some Wolves.
  2. Eliminate a Wolf to gather some Meat.
  3. Throw the Meat close to one other Wolf and conceal.
  4. Wait for the Wolf to get distracted and strategy the Animal fastidiously.
  5. Press and maintain your command button to tame your Wolf.

Wolves will accompany you in your journey till one other participant kills them, they usually’ll interact anybody standing in your method. The most important draw back of getting Wolves is that they’re simply distracted by Meat.

Another drawback with Wolves is that they’re often the toughest Animal to find in Fortnite. Plus, it appears they’re not tied to a particular location in your map, that means you’ll want to hunt them down.

They’ll principally seem in the quite a few wild locations on the Island. The greatest start line is the northwest a part of the POI Boney Blurbs. Land right here, and your possibilities of encountering Wolves will probably be a lot greater.


Taming Chickens works barely in another way than taming Wolves. There’s no want to fear concerning the Animals attacking you, that means you gained’t have to tame the species in a conventional technique. Instead, all you want to do is decide them up.

Take these steps to tame Fortnite Chickens:

  1. Go to the Island and discover its wild areas.
  2. Look for a Chicken and monitor it down.
  3. Chase the Chicken and press your command button when you’ve caught up to it.
  4. Pick up your Chicken and begin flying!

Although Chickens are a incredible supply of enjoyable on the Island, the chances of successful with them by your aspect are slim to none. They can’t assault your enemies, making them ineffective in fight.

But in contrast to Wolves, Chickens are a typical prevalence on the Island, permitting you to monitor them down with out an excessive amount of trouble. The greatest locations to search for Chickens embody areas round woodlands and farms.

Listening to their sounds is vital to discovering Chickens. While they is probably not seen from afar, you have to be ready to decide up their clucking. To expedite the search, put on headphones and switch up the sound results quantity setting.


Taming Fortnite Boars is more difficult than taming Chickens or Wolves. You can neither feed them Animal Meat to distract them nor are you able to merely decide them up. Instead, you’ll want to take a singular strategy:

  1. Pick up greens or fruits from a close-by farm.
  2. Go to wild areas on the Island and search for a Boar.
  3. Throw your greens or fruits close to a Boar, however don’t’ let the Animal see you.
  4. Wait for the Boar to be distracted by the meals earlier than sneaking up to it.
  5. Press and maintain your command button to tame the species.

Boars aren’t as harmful or quick as Wolves, however you’ll nonetheless want to be additional cautious. They can take a large chunk off your well being bar if you happen to hold your guard down.

Unlike the elusive Wolves, Boars could be discovered fairly simply on the Island. They don’t journey in packs, and yow will discover them in the Colossal Crops POI. It lies to the east of the Spire in the center of the map and incorporates a pen the place Boars usually seem. Farms are one other potential hotspot.


Raptors have been lately launched to Fortnite. They made their method to the sport with the v16.10 patch and might strike worry into the hearts of your enemies if you happen to can tame them.

Taming Raptors works the identical as taming Wolves:

  1. Kill a wild Animal and gather the Meat.
  2. Explore the wild space on the Island till you discover a Raptor.
  3. Place the Meat close to the Animal, run, and conceal.
  4. While the predator is distracted, strategy it rapidly.
  5. Hold your command button to tame your Raptor.

Once you’ve tamed your Raptor, it’ll accompany you to your battles, serving as a robust ally to enable you to vanquish your enemies. Unfortunately, you possibly can’t trip this Animal.

Like all different wild Animals, Raptors seem in varied areas all through the Island. As a consequence, you will have some bother monitoring them down at first.

But as soon as you discover these elusive Animals, you’ll have the option to hear a screeching sound that indicators their mates. This means chances are you’ll be outnumbered and unable to place your bait rapidly sufficient.

Some of the areas you need to concentrate on embody Boney Burbs, Misty Meadows, and Stealthy Stronghold. Visit these areas and search for hatched eggs, as Raptors are most definitely to spawn close to them.

Additional FAQ

What Items Do Fortnite Animals Drop?

Every Animal killed in Fortnite drops invaluable assets used to craft or improve gadgets and tame different creatures. Most notably, Chickens, Wolves, and Boars drop Meat and Animal Bones. Raptors are one of the best supply of this stuff, dropping as many as 4 Animal Bones and two Meat.

As beforehand talked about, Meat is mostly used for taming Animals. In addition, you can too use it to heal 15 HP.

As for Animal Bones, they’re often employed as crafting supplies that flip Makeshift Weapons into Primal Weapons. You can discover them by killing Animals and shopping for them from NPCs with Bars.

Once you’ve collected 4 Animal Bones, you can also make highly effective Primal Weapons to take down your enemies extra simply. The crafting course of goes as follows:

1. Find a Makeshift Weapon. If you need to craft a Primal Rifle, you’ll want to get hold of a Makeshift Rifle. If you’re going to construct a Primal Pistol, you’ll want to gather a Makeshift Pistol, and so forth.

2. Go to the stock and navigate to your crafting tab.

3. Choose the Makeshift Weapon that will probably be upgraded in the decrease a part of the window and choose your Primal improve.

4. Wait roughly three seconds for the method to end.

5. Equip your Primal Weapon and blast away.

Animal Bones and Makeshift Weapons are adequate to craft most Primal Weapons. That stated, some weapons require just a few extra gadgets:

· Primal Stink Bow: Makeshift Bow + 4 Animal Bones + one Stink Sac or three Stink Fish

· Primal Flame Bow: Makeshift Bow + 4 Animal Bones + one Firefly Jar or one Gas Can

Can You Tame Frogs in Fortnite?

Taming Frogs in Fortnite isn’t doable since these creatures are already tame sufficient. Nevertheless, that doesn’t imply they’re ineffective – killing them grants you invaluable crafting gadgets.

Frogs are among the most difficult Animals to find in Fortnite as a result of they’re so small. Your greatest probability of discovering them is to go to areas close to water, such because the river in Weeping Woods. Once you hear their croaks, concentrate to the bottom and monitor the amphibian down.

While Frogs don’t assault you, and you may kill them with one gunshot, they bounce extremely quick. Therefore, attempt to comply with them from a protected distance till they cease shifting. This method, you’ll get a superb alternative to shoot them rapidly.

Afterward, the creature will depart a Stink Sac you need to use for crafting.

Animals Are Fortnite Players’ Best Friends

Fortnite affords ample alternatives for explosive takedowns and flashy kills. But if you would like to add a singular aptitude to your fight, taming Animals is the best choice. Wolves and Raptors can inflict severe harm to your opponent, permitting you to land the ultimate blow effortlessly. Best of all, Fortnite introduced that probably the most ferocious creatures are but to arrive, so put together for much more thrills along with your companions.

Are you aware of every other method of taming Animals in Fortnite? What is your favourite Animal to tame? What different creatures would you just like the builders to embody in the sport? Let us know in the feedback part beneath.