Marion County Fair working to keep people, animals safe from heat



PALMYRA, Mo. (WGEM) – With scorching sizzling temperatures this week, the Marion County Fair in Palmyra is working to keep fair-goers and livestock safe from the heat.

On Monday folks began organising the barns to present their cattle, swine, sheep, and extra animals on the honest.

Kye Lehembaur is exhibiting cattle on the Marion County Fair this yr.

With temperatures being above 90 levels in Palmyra this week, Lehembaur stated he and his household are ready to keep his animals cool.

“We have these things called misters,” Lehembaur stated. “You hook them up and then they kind of mist them. You put them in front of a fan. We have turbo fans that spin really fast and they blow a lot of air towards the cattle.”

Selby Hulse who can be exhibiting cattle stated staying cool is necessary for his or her security in addition to their efficiency.

“For their welfare and also because we want them to look well in the ring,” Hulse stated.

The Marion County Ambulance District has chilly trailers across the honest grounds and there are followers within the animal barns. Marion County Fair Coordinator Michele Hopson stated they’re even bringing in misting stations.

“I’ve talked to the EMTs and they’re gonna bring in some misting stations and stuff like that to keep everybody cool and just do what we need to do to keep everybody safe and make sure there’s lots of bottles of water,” Hopson stated.

Hopson stated the honest is a time for households to have enjoyable, which is why they need everybody to be safe.

“This is a fun event and we want to keep it a fun event,” Hopson stated. “We don’t want somebody to remember something negative, so anything we can do to keep it fun.”

Symptoms of heat exhaustion are complications, dizziness or lightheadedness, nausea and vomiting, muscle weak point, and speedy respiratory and coronary heart price.

Hopson encourages everybody who feels sick to see an EMT on-site.

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