NH bill would let school districts divert tax money to private education


For many years, “public education funding” has carried a easy connotation: money, raised by state and native taxpayers, going to native public colleges. 

But New Hampshire state Rep. Kevin Verville sees that as a flawed definition. And he’s betting that his fellow Republican legislators do, too.

“When I hear the term public education, I hear that we are going to educate the children of a community using public money. That’s what I hear,” he mentioned in an interview. “Some people want to say public education means that we are going to build and staff a school, we are going to offer a one-size-fits-all solution. And if you don’t like that, then after you pay for that you can choose to pay for a second school on top of that.”

Verville, a Deerfield Republican, is the architect of a bill that would convey the state nearer to that alternate imaginative and prescient of education funding. Months after passing a program to permit state education funding to go towards private school tuition and homeschooling prices, Verville and Republicans on the House Education Committee need to broaden that mannequin to native tax {dollars}. 

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