Northland Nature: Red leaves persist in fall


This can also be a time of late migrants in the area. Some of those — redpolls, pine grosbeaks, crossbills and snow buntings — are late to reach right here, however could also be staying for weeks, maybe even for the complete winter.

Among the raptors, bald eagles, rough-legged hawks and goshawks at the moment are passing by. The leaf drop permits us to see this motion higher, in addition to different nature happenings.

Though the majority of the leaves from deciduous bushes have fallen in October, there nonetheless are those who linger into this month. Most notably are the yellow-gold needles of tamaracks, out in the swamps and bogs. Their needles are falling and shortly these conifers will probably be as naked because the deciduous bushes, however in early November, some nonetheless maintain the gold.

Also, a couple of different bushes proceed to be with leaves. While driving in the area recently, I noticed loads of yellow leaves on aspens and willows in the swamps. In yards, home poplars, weeping willows and silver maples held leaves. Non-native crops, similar to mountain-ash, apples, lilacs, forsythia, Siberian-pea and buckthorn, are nonetheless inexperienced.


Along roadsides, yellow was obvious in reed canary grasses and asparagus. Some late-blooming wildflowers — aster, tansy, sow-thistle, fleabane, sweetclover and yarrow — had been seen at these sunlit websites.