Player of the Week: Ty Holtz’s competitive nature goes back to his childhood


DEWITT, Mich (WLNS) – When you full eleven of your twelve passes for 247 yards and 5 touchdowns to win a Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) Division 3 district championship sport, you immediately make a case for being one of the greatest soccer gamers in the state of Michigan. Yet for DeWitt’s Ty Holtz, he’ll be the first particular person to put the reward on these round him.

“There’s eleven guys on the field so I owe it all to my offensive line and to my receivers and to my running backs and I’m just happy with how last week went we seemed to be clicking on all cylinders which was awesome,” mentioned Holtz.

For DeWitt Head Coach Rob Zimmerman, he can’t imagine some of the issues he sees Holtz do frequently which led to his five-touchdown sport.

“I just have never seen anything like it I mean…you want your best players to wanna have the ball you know when it matters the most and he just relishes those moments,” mentioned Zimmerman. “It’s just mind-boggling sometimes what that kid can do.”

It’s extraordinarily widespread for a star highschool soccer participant to be competitive on the subject however Holtz is competitive each single second that he can. For DeWitt working back and Holtz’s neighbor, Bryce Debri, it wasn’t all sunshine and smiles rising up collectively.

“Yeah oh yeah he never wants to lose I mean I think that’s for all of us we don’t wanna lose at anything that’s just our nature,” mentioned Debri. “You know sometimes we’d play in the backyard and it would sometimes get out of hand and you know some little scuffles little brawls and that just shows that competitiveness that we have and you know at the end of the day it’s all brotherly love.”

“Ever since I’ve been little it’s always been you’re gonna play football for DeWitt so you have to win at all costs so you have to win at everything else that you do,” mentioned Holtz. “Everybody thinks I’m mad all the time for some reason.”

Well, do you simply have a resting competitive face?

“Yeah…yeah, I guess that’s what you can call it…it’s something that you can say on TV to describe that,” mentioned Holtz.

Ty and his competitive Panthers will tackle Cedar Springs on Saturday at 1 p.m. at Grand Ledge High School due to poor subject circumstances at DeWitt’s house stadium.