PWB Peeps Open Thread: Xanthous Animals


beavers eat bark and twigs, in addition to utilizing the logs to construct their dams.
the panaque catfish is dark with paler stripes.  It eats wood.
the Panaque catfish is uncommon for consuming wooden. The solely different group of fish with this adaptation is Hypostomus cochliodon.

“Xero-” means dry.  A xerocole is an animal tailored to reside within the desert. Most are nocturnal or crepuscular in scorching deserts. Many are so adept at conserving water that they don’t have to drink in any respect. The camel, addax, oryx, and aardvark get all of the moisture they want from their meals and from metabolizing it.

kangaroo rat on a gravel surface.
the kangaroo rat can go its whole life with out taking a drink.

Many due to Travel for Wildlife web site for this X-cellent listing of X animals:

X-ray Tetra, Pristella maxillaris, discovered within the Amazon and Orinoco basins, has a considerably translucent physique.  It tolerates barely brackish water, and likes to reside in massive teams.


Xanthippe’s Shrew is present in Kenya and Tanzania. No picture discovered, however right here’s one other shrew who’s kinda cute.


Xantic Sargo (a fish within the grunt household) Anisotremus davidsonii. The pic is a associated species, virginicus.


Xantus’ Becard, Platypsaris albiventris, (a fowl in Mexico & Central America), one of many Cotingidae or Tityridae, there’s some argument.  The pic is of the intently associated rose-throated becard.


Xantus’ Leaf-Toed Gecko Phyllodactylus xanti, (a lizard present in northwestern Mexico)

a leaf-toed gecko from Mexico

Xantus’ Murrelet, a small seabird discovered within the California Current system, has been break up into two species now, the Scripps murrelet

Scripps’ murrelet chicks take to the ocean at solely two days outdated.

and the Guadalupe murrelet, which the picture library flatly refuses to add a small jpg of it.

Xantus’s Hummingbird, Hylocaris xantusii (a hummingbird in Baja California)


Xavier’s Greenbul, Phyllastrephus xavieri (a central African tune fowl) is a member of the bulbul household.  Here is a brown-eared bulbul.


Xeme, an Arctic gull often known as Sabine’s gull or fork-tailed gull, breed on coasts and tundra, however spends the remainder of its life at sea.


Xestus Sabretooth Blenny (a fish often known as the Xestus Fangblenny), reaches a size of seven centimeters.

drawing of a Xestus fangblenny

Xingu Corydoras, a bottom-feeding freshwater fish from Brazil, is commonly discovered within the aquarium commerce.


Xingu River Ray, a freshwater stingray from Brazil, additionally known as white-blotched river stingray or polka-dot stingray.


Xinjiang Ground-Jay, additionally known as Biddulph’s ground-jay, is present in China. It is just a few inches lengthy.


Xolocalca Bromeliad Salamander, Dendrotriton xolocalcae, a salamander solely present in Cerro Ovando, Chiapas, Mexico. It lives in bromeliads; as many as 34 people have been seen in the identical bromeliad.


Xoloitzcuintle or Xolo, a hairless home canine breed in Mexico, is available in customary, intermediate, and miniature sizes, and there’s additionally a coated selection which does have full fur.

Mexican hairless, standard size

Xucaneb Robber Frog, Craugaster xucanebi, a Guatemalan frog. Here is a associated species.

robber frog, orange-red, on a green leaf
Craugastor fitzingeri

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