Rescue centres see huge rise in unwanted animals


Animal shelters are bracing themselves for a flood of unwanted pets in the early weeks of the brand new 12 months.

etween April and September of 2021, 220 stray canines that have been initially impounded have been handed onto animal shelters or comparable organisations, in response to figures from the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA).

In that very same five-month interval, 192 ‘unwanted’ canines got to council kilos by their homeowners. Of these, 123 got to shelters or rescue houses.

However, a spokesperson from Derry-based animal rehoming centre, Friends Of Rescue, mentioned that the actual quantity is more likely to be “way, way more.”

“I’d say it is at least double that,” she mentioned. “We are only one rescue, and our numbers are as excessive as that alone.

“A canine warden will come and take a stray canine off the road and put it in the pound, the place it should keep for seven to 10 days to provide the proprietor an opportunity to return ahead. After that in the event that they don’t, they’ll attempt to get the canine right into a rescue place.

“The department won’t be counting dogs that people find on the street and bring into rescue centres themselves, or the dogs that we find ourselves, or people that text us wanting to rehome their dogs.”

It comes as earlier this week the USPCA reported {that a} litter of six-week-old puppies was deserted together with the highway in the times following Christmas.

The animal welfare charity mentioned they’ve recorded a number of cases of abandonment inside their first few days of reopening following the festive vacation.

Friends Of Rescue is certainly one of many animal charities throughout NI that needed to shut its doorways in December, with employees at Almost Home Animal Rescue NI, based mostly in Moira, Co Down, additionally being diminished to tears by a huge rise in animals left with them coming as much as the festive season.

Friends Of Rescue continues to be at full capability, together with a packed ready record, however continues to be receiving calls to assist sick and susceptible animals throughout the area.

“Our hearts are broken and our heads are sore at the state of how things are right now. In all the years our team have been involved in rescue we have never seen it this bad,” the north-west charity posted on Facebook.

“This is probably one of the worst years it’s ever been and everybody that we know in other rescues are all the same, they’re all full,” its spokesperson advised the Belfast Telegraph.

She suggested folks to “be patient” and to not undertake or purchase a canine based mostly on a canine’s breed or appearances, however what they’re really like, and extremely discouraged folks from ‘buying’ canines from pet farms or anybody that didn’t seem to be a good breeder.

“Think by way of the kind of canine you need to get lazy, energetic, pleasant, timid — there’s a great deal of rescues throughout the nation. Go to a rescue centre and search for the type of canine you need on your residence.

“Lots of people say they discover it arduous to get a canine as a result of their functions are rejected. While that’s true, there are individuals who simply may not be match for one canine. We might have a canine that has separation anxiousness and wishes somebody residence on a regular basis for instance. It’s a case of discovering the appropriate match.

“I know a lot of people think ‘dogs die in pounds’ is just something we say. But it’s happening and it’s happening now. Lives are being lost and all the while breeders are continuing to sell, cashing in on ‘desirable dogs’ just in time for Christmas.”

She continued: “Every rescue is full, most have already closed their doors and unfortunately we have to follow suit. We just can’t take in anymore. We have a huge medical bill with animals still receiving treatment so if you can help please do as that is another huge problem we face.”

Clara Wilson is a PhD researcher specialising in animal behaviour and psychology at QUB.

In December, numerous canines throughout Belfast ‘graduated’ from a examine Clara was conducting into scent detection, with half of the partaking pooches coming from rescue houses.

She has additionally inspired pet-seekers to go for rescue or rehoming centres when looking for a brand new canine pal, and mentioned there are extra advantages to rescuing animals that folks could not learn about.

“A dog’s behaviour will be a mix of their genes and what they’ve inherited in their brain type, but also their early and ongoing experiences. So it’s really a mix of the three, much like humans” she mentioned.

“Four of the eight canines who graduated from my examine have been really rescued and I feel that’s a testomony to the way in which we acquired our pattern. Lots of establishments would have a breeding programme, so they might breed their very own puppies, however increasingly, they’re taking a look at bringing in new canines. The good factor with a rescue canine is that you simply’ve acquired a lot extra details about their present character.

“If you’re looking at a dog who is already two years old, their charity or rehoming place can tell you what their day-to-day activity is like — do they like to walk a lot or do they sleep all day? And it just means that you can kind of really tailor that to your own lifestyle a bit better.”