Respect Marquette promotes “Leave No Trace” in nature



MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Travel Marquette has partnered with the “Leave No Trace” program to create the “Respect Marquette” coalition.

Respect Marquette is a county-wide partnership between Travel Marquette, path organizations and Leave No Trace. The Executive Director of Travel Marquette, Susan Estler mentioned the aim of the coalition is to assist educate locals and guests concerning the nature and tradition of the county.

“People just don’t know best practices they might be new to going out on the trails or doing biking or something like that. Just giving everyone an opportunity and giving them some information,” Estler mentioned.

Estler says Leave No Trace will present sources on easy methods to correctly defend the outside. Education can be key because the coalition created the “Seven Principles” like sticking to trails and correct fireplace dealing with. Leave No Trace has finished applications right here in Marquette educating youngsters correct conservation methods.

“The biggest thing is just getting the message out and having a unified message. We’ve worked with Leave No Trace to kind of Marquette-iffy the Seven Principles and those are the underpinnings of the program,” she mentioned.

Estler mentioned the core message is about sustainability and respecting nature in Marquette County. Social media posts and even a newspaper advert had been used to get the message out about Respect Marquette.

“So we’re working on some social media posts for the summertime and just getting the messaging out and we’ll continue to with our messaging from now on and working with Leave No Trace,” she mentioned.

To study extra concerning the Seven Principles and Respect Marquette go right here. If you wish to become involved with the group you may as well name Travel Marquette at (906)-228-7749.

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