Rothy’s Is Betraying Animals and the Planet—Take Action!


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Rothy’s—an organization recognized for producing footwear from recycled supplies—has saved 100 tons of plastic out of waterways by reworking it into fashion-forward footwear and purses. So why has it gone again on its dedication to the planet by funding the wool trade?

Inexplicably, this previously vegan firm is making merchandise with merino wool, regardless of listening to from PETA that undercover investigations into 117 wool operations on 4 continents revealed excessive violence towards light sheep at each single one. PETA entities filmed staff punching sheep in the face, stomping on them, standing on their heads and necks, beating them with sharp metallic clippers, carelessly slicing their pores and skin open, and roughly stitching up the wounds—with no painkillers.

Rothy’s touts its wool as Responsible Wool Standard (RWS)–licensed, however this label doesn’t shield sheep from struggling. RWS “monitoring” is completed primarily by means of scheduled farm visits every year. The label doesn’t require particular shearing strategies and even the set up of cameras in sheds that will assist monitor and forestall abuse, nor does it handle how sheep are restrained throughout shearing or how and when they’re weaned. Meanwhile, as part of animal agriculture, the wool trade is a number one contributor to local weather change, desertification, water air pollution, and lifeless zones.

Sheep share our capability for ache, starvation, concern, thirst, love, pleasure, and loneliness, and they need to be handled with respect and compassion. We can reject speciesism by recognizing that each animal has the proper to dwell free from human exploitation.

Please use the kind under to induce Rothy’s to honor its dedication to accountability and sustainability by dropping wool.