Salina Art Center hires Morawitz to lead education programming


Darren Morawitz teaches a category at Salina Art Center. Photo courtesy Salina Art Center


The Salina Art Center has employed Darren Morawitz as Director of Education.

Morawitz earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts, with an emphasis in studio portray and artwork education from Fort Hays State University and holds a PreK-12 instructing certificates. He additionally earned an Associate of Arts in graphic design from Hutchinson Community College. 

“My mother said that all I needed was a pad of paper and pencil to entertain myself for hours growing up. Needless to say, I chose an artistic career path,” mentioned Morawitz. “I was an art teacher at Hutchinson High School for six years. Plus, I have taught several classes for the Hutchinson Art Center and the Salina Art Center. I moved to Salina almost two years ago to be with my wonderful wife. I’m looking forward to being a part of the team at the Salina Art Center.” 

Education is a cornerstone of what makes Salina Art Center a helpful useful resource in the neighborhood. Hosting a whole bunch of scholars annually the artwork heart believes that artwork making is crucial to human growth and a vital funding in our collective future. 

“Art is vital for developing creative problem-solving skills, motor skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, and inventiveness. Art improves motivation, concentration, memory, confidence, and teamwork. Art is an emotional transformation, therapeutic release, and entertaining activity to share feelings, desires, joys, and fears with others. Most importantly, Art connects. It permeates life and brings people together by bridging the gaps between language, age, race, culture, and life experience,” mentioned Misty Serene, government director at Salina Art Center. “Teachers like Darren and the talented teaching artists we work with, ignite a fire that builds learners and thinkers who go out into our schools and community and do amazing things.” 

“As director of education, I hope to continue to expand the opportunities for creative growth in the community and help bring new insights into why the arts are important to our shared culture,” mentioned Morawitz.

Salina Art Center’s spring education schedule is out there on-line and enrollment is open for all Afterschool Studio, Senior Studio, and Ceramics lessons.