Salute to Idaho Agriculture: Wood River Ranch



BELLEVUE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — Since 1979, Wood River Ranch has been settled into the ground of the valley, offering native beef to Southern Idaho and past.

Beef Marketing Manager Katie Zubia says being seen to their prospects is significant to the ranch’s success.

“The primary reason that people seek us is to know where their food comes from. Being a local company means a lot to them,” stated Zubia.

Zubia and her dad and mom run the ranch and delight themselves on setting themselves aside from business ranching in some ways, however one stands above the others.

“Selling grass-fed, grass-finished beef,” Zubia stated. She says the distinction between grass-fed and grass-finished beef is likely to be simply refined phrasing, however the distinction is critical.

As Zubia explains, all cows eat grass throughout their lives and might be labeled as grass-fed, even when they have been fattened with grain earlier than slaughter.

“Having the grass-finished is really important. That means that we’re not feeding the steers that we use for our beef program grains at any point,” Zubia defined.

The ranch takes some sacrifices being all grass-finished, however the Zubia household takes delight in offering their group with a high-quality product.

“It does take a little bit more time. But again, the meat that you consume, the grass-fed, grass-finished, will have some nutritional advantages for you,” Katie Zubia stated.

Zubia, who beforehand labored as an agriculture trainer in an city setting, finds pleasure in sharing the story of meals manufacturing together with her group.

“It’s nice for me to be in a position where I can still educate people and provide them with the information of knowing where their food is coming from. That’s rewarding for me,” she stated.

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