Seven Hills addressing Hillside Middle School traffic issue on Education Park Drive


SEVEN HILLS, Ohio — Bus drivers and fogeys alike making an attempt to drop off or choose up college students at Hillside Middle School are effectively conscious of the irritating scenario that takes place when a car is parked alongside the congested Education Park Drive.

That’s why Seven Hills City Council is anticipated to approve a no-parking space on the road that feeds Hillside Road.

“The no-parking sign came at the request of the Hillside Middle School principal,” Seven Hill Mayor Anthony D. Biasiotta stated. “If a car is parked, plus a car is in line waiting to pick up, it’s nearly impossible for a school bus to navigate a turn between the two.

“As a good partner, we quickly researched the matter. After an investigation, our police determined the request was warranted. The no park zone will allow for safer turns in and out.”

Seven Hills police Lt. Daniel Kappus stated fortunately thus far the world in query hasn’t resulted in any crashes or incidents.

“There will be signs erected on Educational Park Drive, which will prohibit vehicles from parking on the street during certain hours, specifically during morning drop-off from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and afternoon pick-up from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on school days,” Kappus stated.

“There is, of course, an exception for vehicles that are waiting to either drop off or pick up a student. We believe that this new measure will help ensure that traffic flows more efficiently during these times. Once in effect, our officers will respond to complaints as they do for any other parking complaint.”

The different traffic issue Seven Hills City Council is anticipated to quickly treatment entails the Lombardo Road extension, which fits south of Rockside Road.

“Online maps have been indicating to drivers that they’re able to access the Crossview States development via the Lombardo Road extension,” Biasiotta stated. “That’s inaccurate but the end result has led to increased traffic into the private property that’s Vitalia.

“There isn’t a thru street, only a one-lane emergency road with a locked gate. So we’re going to put up a no-thru traffic sign to alert users of that fact the street doesn’t go through.”

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