Should we kill trillions of animals to save the planet?


There are few matters as contentious as our weight-reduction plan. No one desires to be advised what to eat. Yet a meals transition appears to be constructing momentum. More and extra of us are fascinated by lowering the influence of our weight-reduction plan. Specifically, we need to eat much less meat.

While all-out vegetarianism and veganism is gaining popularity, it’s nonetheless a minority place. Recent polls recommend that simply 5 per cent of adults in the UK, and three per cent in the US are vegetarian. Most don’t need to eradicate animal merchandise utterly, however do need to in the reduction of.

This raises the query of not simply how a lot meat we ought to eat, however what sorts. We typically discuss steak, lamb chops, bacon and hen nuggets as in the event that they’re on a stage enjoying discipline. Just ‘meat’. But their impacts are vastly completely different. Per gram of protein, beef has nearly ten occasions the carbon footprint of hen. It makes use of 23 occasions as a lot farmland. If we have been to rank them so as: beef and lamb have the highest value; pork has considerably much less; hen is even decrease; and many varieties of fish are higher nonetheless.

This implies that if you’d like to scale back the environmental footprint of your weight-reduction plan, substituting beef and lamb with hen and fish will get you actually far. In reality, this has a a lot bigger influence than switching from consuming average quantities of hen to a vegetarian or vegan weight-reduction plan. That’s the suggestion I give to most individuals. Eat much less meat general, but in addition change the beef steak with hen or tuna. In reality, it’s the weight-reduction plan I select for myself: I’m a pescatarian as a result of of the low environmental footprint of fish.

Problem solved, proper? Well, not fairly. This suggestion has a darker aspect. It’s utterly at odds with animal welfare. We typically ignore this reality, however it’s nonetheless true. The most environmentally-friendly meat selections imply condemning a larger quantity of animals to reside depressing lives. There are a number of causes for this.

First, low-impact meats have a tendency to be the smallest animals. In reality, it’s the actual fact that they’re small that makes them so environment friendly. Look once more at our rating of meats by environmental influence: beef is worst; then pork; then hen; then fish. Largest to smallest. Unfortunately, this implies killing 134 chickens to get the identical quantity of meat you’d get from one cow.

Globally we slaughter 320 million cows for meat every year. If we sourced all of that meat from hen as an alternative, we’d be killing an additional 41 billion animals. But, we’d additionally shave off round 4 billion tonnes of CO2-equivalents from world emissions. That’s equal to the emissions of the EU and UK mixed.

Or, to put it in perspective for a person: the common Brit eats round 100 kilograms of meat every year. Eighteen kilograms of that is beef: lower than one-tenth of a cow. If you changed all of this with hen, you may scale back the carbon footprint of your weight-reduction plan by round 30 per cent, however it’d imply killing an additional 10 to 15 chickens every year.

By merely altering what sorts of meat we eat we can save billions of tonnes of carbon. But it means killing tens of billions extra animals.

Second, we may contemplate animals’ high quality of life. I’ve by no means skilled the life of a farm animal however my guess is that cows in all probability have a nicer one than chickens. If you gave me the selection of dwelling one other life as a cow or hen, I’d choose the former. Probability would recommend that as a hen you’d find yourself in an intensively-raised farm. Packed right into a cage. Possibly pumped with development hormones – so large that your legs would buckle beneath you. Some cows should not handled significantly better, however I believe you’d have significantly better odds of a kinder life with more room. So, consuming extra hen means extra animals dwelling worse lives.