‘SNL’ parodies Ted Cruz for attacking Big Bird over COVID vaccination | Agriculture


WASHINGTON — Per week after Ted Cruz accused Big Bird of peddling “government propaganda” by selling COVID-19 vaccines, “Saturday Night Live” devoted its opening phase to a disturbing different hosted by the Texas senator himself.

Unlike Sesame Street, on “Cruz Street” youngsters are inspired to play with machine weapons, and Q — not the letter, however the shadowy chief of a conspiracy cult — is a sponsor.

“As you know I was mocked for attacking Big Bird on Twitter, simply because I’m a human senator and he is an 8-foot-tall fictional bird. But let’s see what happened to Big Bird after he got the vaccine,” says Cruz, performed by Aidy Bryant.

Out comes the senator’s nemesis Muppet, feathers molting and complaining of unintended effects: “My feathers fell out. My nuts got huge and my doink don’t work. It’s real bad man.”

“Don’t worry. I read online you can take a bath in Borax and that will cleanse you of any nanotechnology,” Cruz responds, with recommendation paying homage to then-President Donald Trump’s alarming suggestion about injecting bleach to kill the coronavirus.

Big Bird is 8 toes, 2 inches. The “SNL” model on “Newsmax Kids” — a dig on the conservative pro-Trump community — was roughly 5-foot-7 as Kyle Mooney, the not-ready-for-prime-time participant within the costume.

“Maybe the vaccine gave me COVID,” Mooney says.

“Yes, yes, that sounds correct,” “SNL” Cruz responds.

The actual Cruz has not responded publicly to the sketch.

He has been adamantly against authorities masks or vaccine mandates. But Big Bird and different “Sesame Street” characters haven’t promoted mandates. They have been making an attempt to ease youngsters’ anxiousness about getting a shot and inspiring voluntary compliance with suggestions from the nation’s prime public well being authorities.

The Muppets joined a CNN city corridor final Saturday geared toward selling vaccination, and Big Bird tweeted that he’d gotten the shot. Hours later Cruz accused him of spreading authorities propaganda.

Muppets followers and Cruz detractors — teams that do overlap considerably — identified that “Sesame Street” and PBS get hardly any authorities funding.

The trade impressed days of on-line carping after which, final evening’s sketch on NBC’s “SNL.”

“You know, for 50 years I stood by as ‘Sesame Street’ taught our children dangerous ideas like numbers and kindness. But when Big Bird told children to get vaccinated against a deadly disease, I said enough,” says fake Cruz. “It’s a gated community where kids are safe from the woke government.”

Cruz Street’s first visitor was Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Georgia Republican and conspiracy principle adherent. She stops by with an AR-15, which she affords to one of many youngsters close by by. When he declines, she calls him a “pussy.”

Joe Rogan, the conservative anti-vaxxer, affords Big Bird zinc and horse medication.

“Why would a bird take horse medicine?” Big Bird asks.

“I’m a human, and I took horse medicine,” Rogan says.

There’s a fast cameo from the “Recount Count,” who Cruz says will show “how Trump definitely won the election.”

Bert and Ernie make an look, saying they’re “out and proud” — alluding to a decadeslong meme that they’re extra than simply pals. When “SNL” Cruz tries to gloss over the reference, they are saying they’re engaged and showcase their engagement rings.

“Engaged in the battle against the tyranny of wokeness,” Cruz interprets.

Oscar the Slouch makes an look, too.

“Did somebody say free money? … I’m a ward of the state. I use your tax money on drugs and pornography,” he says.

“At least he admitted it. All Democrats are him,” “SNL” Cruz tells the viewers.

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