Some Sherman animals’ futures remain uncertain as shelter overfills


SHERMAN, Texas (KXII) – The cages on the Sherman Animal shelter aren’t simply full; they’re over capability.

“We’ve been trying to highlight and bring awareness to that over that past few months,” stated Sgt. Brett Mullen with the Sherman Police Department. “We’ve started the FurEver Home Friday post, which is highlighting an animal each week that’s available for adoption.”

Still, too many canines and cats are searching for a house.

“The sad fact is that in this line of work or in animal shelters, especially municipal animal shelters and especially in municipal animal shelters that are the only one on the county, it’s a harsh reality that sometimes we do have to euthanize animals,” stated Mullen.

Back in mid-August, the shelter instructed KXII they don’t seem to be a kill shelter, however Mullen stated that’s not all the time the case.

“That term has been used,” stated Mullen. “It has been characterized as a no-kill shelter, and that’s not exactly accurate. Like I said, being a municipal animal shelter, being the only shelter in the county, that means we can’t turn away animals.”

Now, he stated some animals that meet particular standards may very well be going through euthanization.

“That’s going to be for the animals that are unadoptable whether they are aggressive, sick, or injured beyond being able to recover,” stated Mullen. “In those cases, it’s more humane than having them just live in a closure for months on months or even years on years on years.”

He provides that that is what they attempt to keep away from.

“We do everything we can to keep from having to euthanize animals- from trying to get them adopted, getting them fostered out, to even transferring them to other facilities and some of those facilities are at capacity, and they don’t accept them either,” stated Mullen.

Anyone can pitch in to assist.

“Come by the shelter if you are looking for an animal, don’t go shopping from breeders and things like that,” stated Mullen. “There are lots of good animals at the animal shelters that need a second chance.”

The shelter is open day-after-day aside from Wednesdays and Sundays.

Mullen stated the shelter units up in entrance of Target each Saturday too.

Dogs price $50, and cats price $40.

More info will be discovered on their web site.

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