The Gain and Give of Fashion


The exhibition opinions the historical past of nature and style, along with the up to date growth and position of sustainable style in fixing many environmental points. ‘Wearable Nature: the Gain and Give of Fashion’ endeavors to encourage extra folks to not simply respect nature, but additionally implores them to start out defending nature as reimbursement for all it has given us. Well-known Chinese designer Xiong Ying commented whereas visiting the exhibition, “Maintaining the connection between nature and style is significant.”  

The 4 elements of the exhibition are:

Long-Distance Trade Brings Fashion to the World

Commercial commerce has linked separate international locations into an entire world. In the 18th century, with maritime commerce totally opened, these distinctive supplies and strategies could possibly be labored collectively to create clothes, luggage, and equipment for individuals who had by no means been to these international locations.

Production of Clothing

Material is what all garments are created from. People found that pure fibers could possibly be woven into textiles for garments. Other than nature’s fibers, nature provided methods for bones or branches, that have been too arduous to weave, to additionally play a job in human style.

Projection from Nature

Almost all patterns venture some pure parts and charming nature gives seemingly infinite style inspiration. Designers adore reside animals and vegetation, recording them on textiles by way of embroidery, brocade, and printing strategies. Different cultures all have their very own strategies of expression for describing nature in patterns.

Protection of Nature

Although style takes supplies and inspiration from nature, it doesn’t repay nature’s kindness. The style business has brought about severe environmental issues so it appears unimaginable that style and nature can develop peacefully. Fortunately, many business employees have began to positively remedy the environmental issues that exist within the style world, beginning a brand new idea referred to as “sustainable style,” which strives to recalibrate the steadiness between nature and style.

SOURCE China National Silk Museum