Whee! Animals Have Fun in Award-Winning Photos


Ground squirrels toss one another in the air. A child bear performs peek-a-boo. An elephant takes a cheerful mud tub.

Just a day in the life for these animals, however wildlife photographers snapped some very entertaining pictures of those foolish moments.

Those are a few of the winners in the 2021 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

One of the extremely recommended winners contains “I Got You” above, that includes two floor squirrels or spermophiles. Roland Kranitz of Hungary took the award-winning picture.

He says, “I spent my days in my normal ‘gopher place’ and but once more, these humorous little animals have not belied their true nature.”

That was considered one of about 7,000 entries in the annual contest that first began in 2015. It was co-founded by photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam who needed a contest that will give attention to the lighter facet of wildlife pictures whereas supporting wildlife conservation.

Each yr, the competitors helps a charity that works to guard a weak species. This yr, the competitors is donating 10% of its complete web income to Save Wild Orangutans. The charity protects orangutan populations and forest biodiversity in and round Gunung Palung National Park, Borneo.

There have been all kinds of amusing entries this yr.

“We had numerous birds this yr, doing humorous issues, flying into branches, strutting about or squawking at one another,” Michelle Woods, awards managing director, tells Treehugger. “Perhaps because of lockdown and the shortage of world journey we’ve got had to go searching us for wildlife inspiration, however it has been a marvel to see the totally different varieties.”

But the top purpose is at all times comedy, Woods says.

“The winners are judged by our panel, and we at all times advise them to vote for those that make them snort probably the most, as the standard of the pictures has already been assessed in the earlier shortlist, so for the winners it’s all concerning the comedy!”

Here’s a have a look at lots of the winners.

Overall Winner

Ken Jensen / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021


Ken Jensen gained the general honors for this picture of a golden silk monkey in Yunnan, China.

He describes his picture: “This is definitely a present of aggression nonetheless in the place that the monkey is in it appears fairly painful!”

The monkeys roam freely in the forest space the place the photograph was taken and have been under no circumstances afraid of people.

“I used to be completely overwhelmed to be taught that my entry had gained, particularly when there have been fairly numerous great pictures entered,” Jensen stated. “The publicity that my picture has acquired over the previous couple of months has been unbelievable, it’s such a fantastic feeling to know that one’s picture is making folks smile globally in addition to serving to to help some fantastically worthwhile conservation causes.”

Creatures of the Land Winner  

Arthur Trevino / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

“Ninja Prairie Dog!”

Arthur Trevino photographed this encounter between a bald eagle and a prairie canine in Longmont, Colorado. Fortunately for the prairie canine, it was a cheerful ending.

“When this Bald Eagle missed on its try and seize this prairie canine, the prairie canine jumped in direction of the eagle and startled it lengthy sufficient to flee to a close-by burrow. An actual David vs Goliath story!”

Creatures in the Air and People’s Choice Winner

John Speirs / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

“I suppose summer season’s over”

John Speirs gained two classes for his photograph of a pigeon taken in Scotland.

“I used to be taking pics of pigeons in flight when this leaf landed on the hen’s face.”

Creatures Under the Water Winner

Chee Kee Teo / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

“Time for varsity”

Chee Kee Teo captured this second in Singapore.

“A smooth-coated otter ‘bit’ its child otter to deliver it again from side to side for swimming lesson.”

Portfolio Winner  

Vicki Jauron / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

The Joy of a Mud Bath

As a part of her profitable portfolio, Vicki Jauron had a collection of pictures of an elephant in Matusadona Park, Zimbabwe, taking a mud tub.

“An elephant expresses his pleasure in taking a mud tub towards the useless bushes on the shores of Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe on a scorching afternoon.”

Highly Commended Winners

Andy Parkinson / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

“Let’s dance”

Andy Parkinson photographed brown bear cubs on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Far East Russia.

“Two Kamchatka bear cubs sq. up for a celebratory play battle having efficiently navigated a raging torrent (small stream!)”

Chu han lin / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

“See who jumps excessive”

Chu han lin noticed these mudskippers in Taiwan.

David Eppley / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

“Majestic and Graceful Bald Eagle”

David Eppley photographed this bald eagle in southwest Florida with a not-so-graceful aerial maneuver.

“Eagles will use the identical nest for years, even a long time, including new materials to it at first and all through the nesting season. Normally, they’re extremely expert at snapping branches off of bushes whereas in flight. Possibly drained from working nonstop all morning on a brand new nest, this specific Bald Eagle wasn’t displaying its finest type. Yes, typically they miss. Although this appears painful, and it would very properly be, the eagle recovers with just some sweeping wing strokes, and choses to relaxation a bit earlier than making one other lumber run. “

Gurumoorthy Ok / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

“The Green Stylist”

Gurumoorthy Ok captured this Indian chameleon in the Western Ghats mountains in India.

Jakub Hodan / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021


Jakub Hodan discovered this proboscis monkey in Borneo.

“This Proboscis monkey may very well be simply scratching its nostril on the tough bark, or it may very well be kissing it. Trees play an enormous position in the lives of monkeys. Who are we to evaluate…”

(Editor’s notice: We’re keen on this title!)

Lea Scaddan / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021


Lea Scadden noticed these kangaroos in Perth, West Australia.

“Two Western Grey Kangaroos have been preventing and one missed kicking him in the abdomen.”

Nicolas de Vaulx / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021

How do you get that rattling window open?

Nicolas de Vaulx captured a picture of this eavesdropping raccoon in France.

“This raccoon spends his time attempting to get into homes out of curiosity and maybe additionally to steal meals.”

Pal Marchhart / Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2021


Pal Marchhart managed to identify this brown bear in the Hargita Mountains of Romania.  

“A younger bear descending from a tree appears like he/she is taking part in cover and search.”