“You never know what tomorrow brings”: Local travel agent shares tips on navigating holiday travel


(WKBN)- With COVID-19 circumstances nonetheless excessive even Dr. Fauci has mentioned “it is too soon to tell” in terms of touring for the winter holidays.

This is the time of yr households are tying up their holiday travel plans.

So what are you able to do to be sure you are protected in case you should cancel? Local travel agent Kathy Pahanish mentioned that getting travel insurance coverage is extra essential now than earlier than.

“We highly recommend it because you never know what tomorrow brings, let alone to add the pandemic, COVID into the mix,” Pahanish mentioned.

Every nation has their very own guidelines on how they’re dealing with the pandemic. Between who requires vaccines and exams or bear in mind. Luckily you don’t must. 

Booking journeys by a travel agent can ease that additional stress of planning.

“Now of all times you must have a travel consultant. And the reason is, is because A: you don’t pay any more for your package than if you book it on your own, and you have our expertise and guidance,” Pahanish mentioned.

Kathy mentioned it’s their job to recollect all of the guidelines and issues you have to on your journey. But it isn’t simply the paperwork. She says many resorts that had water rides and rental inflatable ought to convey your personal.

It was little issues like this that make it useful to e book by a travel agent. With issues altering all of the time due to the pandemic, that is the way in which to go to make sure every part goes as easily as potential.